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Founder & President
GenCare Kids Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care

“Our kids are the stars, and we do whatever is in our powers to help them shine, brighter and brighter.” ―Olive V. Gaye

Olive Gaye, founder and president of GenCare Resources, continues to show her passion for others as she provides opportunities for nursing and clinical care to patients of all ages.

Over a decade ago, from a seed planted within her when she observed insufficient care being provided to a personal mentor, she has grown her desire to provide such care with both dignity and respect.

My Story

Starting at the bedside of elderly patients, she grew GenCare Resources Home Healthcare to include skilled visits for adults and a wide variety of Pediatric clinical services.

In 2020, Olive began a transplant of her passion into the Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (PPEC) environment of GenCare Kids. The PPEC provides skilled nursing services and therapeutic care to children ages birth to 21 years of age in a group setting outside of their home. In 2023, GenCare Kids will be opening three additional locations with a fourth coming in 2024.

Olive’s unwavering commitment to people and relationships, honed in the corporate world, has seamlessly transitioned into the realm of patient care. This steadfast commitment to delivering people-centric service has been central to GenCare Resources’ success.

Olive holds an MBA from Rollins College in Florida and has been recognized with a growing list of awards and acknowledgements. She actively participates in various boards and committees, channeling her educational achievements and growing wealth of wisdom to others.


GenCare Resources continues its dedication to exceptional care by collaborating with the pediatric community and supporting organizations including Nemours, Sunshine Foundation and Nathaniel’s Hope.

As a sought-after motivational speaker and storyteller, Olive shares her personal journey to inspire women actively pursuing their dreams and passions.


The GenCare team, composed of medical and non-medical professionals, tirelessly provides an unwavering commitment to providing care with with Olive’s mantra: “To treat all human beings with dignity and respect, regardless of their circumstances.”


GenCare Resources hopes that these seeds will continue to grow and multiply, amplifying their impact on others, all under the visionary leadership of Olive Gaye.

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