A warm and loving environment for your child.

GenCare Kids is a local independent Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care (P-PEC) facility. We specialize in the care of children with medically-complex conditions from birth through age 21. With our state-of-the-art P-PEC facility, combined with our dedicated team of caring medical professionals, we strive to help every child grow, develop, and reach their full potential in a fun and caring atmosphere.

What We Do

GenCare partners with families who care for children with unique needs and requires medical monitoring and intervention not provided by regular schools and daycares. Our environment is designed to provide necessary care so the kids thrive in a stimulating, interactive environment. In return, parents and caregivers can go about their daily activities with peace of mind, knowing that their child is cared for by professionals in a loving environment.

GenCare Kids merged medical care with childcare, to create a place so children with special needs can spend their time in an environment that stimulates and nurtures their specific needs.

Our Mission

We strive to provide a place where every child can feel comfortable, safe, and well cared for. We endeavor to help children with medically-complex conditions grow and develop through therapeutic and stimulating services and programs.

Our Vision

To create a community where all families have access to the high-quality, affordable pediatric programs and services that their children need in order to live a happy, safe, and healthy quality of life. We will be known for our quality outcomes and cost-effective services delivered by a professional, compassionate medical care team.

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Interested? Should you require further information, give us a call at 407-201-3088.

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